Products & Services

1. Product

The studio sells a range of clay, underglazes & glazes, tools, brushes, kiln wash and more.

Greenware2. Greenware & Bisqueware

The shelves are stocked with functional and decorative ware ready to paint. Bisqueware can be delivered to you.

3. Firing

Clayworx offers a reasonably priced & prompt firing service for hobby ceramicists and potters. Yes, we will fire pieces from outside sources, but we do not take responsibilty for any explosions that may occur during the firing process.


  • Feeney’s Terracotta 12.5kg
  • Feeney’s BRT 12.5kg, buff raku
  • Feeney’s WSC 12.5kg, white school clay
  • Clayworks TWE 10kg, white earthenware
  • Clayworks JB3 10kg, fire white stoneware
  • Blackwattle Paperclay 10kg, white earthenware
  • Blackwattle Paperclay 10kg, buff/terracotta

Powdered Clay

  • Fire Clay, 25kg bag for Pizza Oven Construction
  • Auscraft Ultra white Casting Slip, 25kg bag, for hobby ceramics
  • Ball Clay
  • Potash Feldspar


  • Mayco and Duncan ready made

Lead free user friendly, safe glazes

Firing Services

  • Hobby Ceramic Greenware
  • Hobby Ceramic Bisque

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Finished PiecesFinished Ware for Sale

CLAYWORX has a fantastic selection of projects suitable for the home and garden, catering for all tastes – classic, contempory or just funky.